Lead Paint Removal Services: Lead Testing, Inspection & Abatement in Aurora, CO

Your older Aurora property may be a hazard without you knowing it and lead paint removal could be the thing that ensures your safety. Regulations have changed over the years as the hazards of lead paint have become apparent. If you suspect that lead paint might have been used on the walls of your Aurora home, you might consider making it safer through lead paint removal and remediation with a company like Cherry Inc. Our technicians are experienced with the process of safely handling materials and many different methods like lead paint removal of eliminating the threat that leads poses to your property. For reliable and trusted lead paint removal and more, trust Cherry Inc. for your Aurora property.

Lead Paint Removal for the Aurora Home

As lead paint deteriorates, the air in your Aurora home is filled with tiny particles of lead. If the Aurora home is in good condition, the threat is not as serious but cracking; aging paint releases lead that is inhaled by occupants of the building which can result in health issues if not treated. Lead paint removal can prevent this. Symptoms of lead poisoning include headaches, nausea, fatigue and damage to nervous, cardiovascular and reproductive systems in people. Lead paint removal is suggested for Aurora homes to prevent the harm of any of your property’s occupants, and Cherry Inc. has handled all types of properties through the process to make sure it is effective, timely, and safe for future use.

Lead Paint Removal and More in Aurora

Encapsulation – A simple and cheap way to mitigate the effects of lead paint in your Aurora building is to cover it up. Our technicians go over the paint with a clear coating product that seals in the toxic particles. While a quick and effective remedy, it won’t last forever; encapsulation products also wear over time and will expose the lead paint again, at which time you may need a full lead paint removal for your Aurora property.

Enclosure – This is a fairly easy way to keep Aurora residents safe from lead paint. It involves putting up drywall to cover the area, essentially hiding it sort of “out of sight out of mind.” This method is not as effective as lead paint removal, but it will keep you safe.

Removal – For an Aurora structure with lead-based paint that is not able to be safely remediated, we will perform lead paint removal. This is a rigorous process of sanding, brushing, and more to make sure the lead paint removal is complete, and the threat is eliminated.

Replacement –Should lead paint removal not be the solution for your property, we can go about performing replacement for our Aurora clients. Replacement is removing and replacing the surfaces that contain lead paint entirely using new units. For some Aurora clients, this is a huge undertaking that ultimately isn’t worth it for them as a lead paint removal technique.

Aurora Resource for Lead Paint Removal

Lead paint removal has been a common practice by companies like ours since lead paint was banned by the United States government in 1978. If your Aurora home was built before them, we can come and test for the presence of lead in your home to determine the threat and the paths we can take to correct it like lead paint removal. Call today for your Aurora property to make sure you're protected!