Meth Contamination: Meth Testing, Inspection, Removal & Remediation in Aurora, CO

Methamphetamine usage continues to be an alarming problem in Aurora, as sophisticated meth labs pop up in even the most affluent neighborhoods and more homes test positive for meth residue. Proper decontamination requires skilled professionals capable of performing the job effectively and with discretion. Cherry Inc. has specialized in meth remediation in the Aurora area for more than 25 years. Our removal experts will work to rid your property of the hazards associated with meth use or manufacturing.

Knowledgeable Meth Cleanup Specialists in Aurora

Contrary to popular opinion, meth use is not a hazard that is exclusive to low-income areas. Meth labs in Aurora can be mobile, in rural locations or in plain sight in upscale neighborhoods. Cherry Inc. employs a team of specialists trained to recognize the signs of meth use in Aurora homes, including which types of locks are commonly placed on bedroom, closet and bathroom doors, as well as which household supplies are commonly utilized to manufacture the drug. Our experts have extensive training in all aspects of this complicated process and can perform meth cleanup for any structure with methamphetamine traces.

Aurora’s Meth Decontamination Experts

Meth decontamination procedures are dangerous and should only be handled by professionals like the meth removal specialists at Cherry Inc. We start by ventilating the area with HEPA vacuums and fans and then use specialty cleaners on the affected surfaces like flooring, furniture, walls, ceilings and counters. If anything is deemed to have a high-level exposure, it will have to be completely removed, and our Aurora contractors can reconstruct whatever had to be demolished. Part of our meth removal services is a thorough flushing of pipes and drains to ensure that chemicals are out of your water and septic systems.

Meth Remediation for the Aurora Community

Testing for meth contamination is something most people don’t even think of when renting or buying a property, but with an insidious problem like illegal drug use maintaining its hold on the local community, the best thing to do is hire professionals like those at Cherry, Inc. Aurora residences that were used as meth labs are particularly dangerous for new occupants because of hazards in the manufacturing chemicals that can lead to respiratory and cardiovascular damage. Lasting effects people experience from prolonged exposure to meth residue are respiratory problems, neurological damage and kidney malfunction. Contact the experts at Cherry Inc. of Aurora to discuss our professional meth testing procedures before you rent or buy.

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