Meth Contamination: Meth Testing, Inspection, Removal & Remediation in Boulder, CO

Contrary to popular belief meth is not isolated to low-income neighborhoods and rural areas. Boulder homeowners might suspect that their home might be harming their health due to the chemicals that linger in a home where meth has been made or used. Statistics indicate that the number of homes affected by meth use is going up, and Cherry Inc. can help with the effects that may have on the people in your building. Home testing kits are available but are not always reliable. If you find yourself suspicious that meth has contaminated your Boulder home, we recommend giving the professionals at Cherry Inc. a call as a professional remediation company. We have been in the business for decades as a reliable and effective remediation service for the Boulder area. When it comes to methamphetamine contamination and remediation, don’t hesitate to have the problem taken care of by Cherry Inc.

Meth’s Disastrous Effects on the Boulder Home

A meth-contaminated home due to past occupants or break-ins could be causing you to be inhaling harmful, dangerous air. Boulder homes that have been used as a lab for creating this drug can come with health effects like respiratory and cardiovascular damage, as well as any number of effects of being around the remnants of this devastating drug. We take many steps to make sure that our remediation services can make the building safe of occupancy and that the air within is no longer a threat. We don’t want any of our Boulder clients to be in danger of their own homes, and we are ready to help you take steps to make things right.

The Dangers of Boulder’s Meth Contamination

Hard surfaces and solid object that are non-porous are usually ok with a simple cleaning and can be reclaimed after a meth contamination treatment. An object without these qualities, which are porous, like rugs, mattresses and more, cannot be reclaimed and must be gotten rid of to keep you and your Boulder home safe from these contaminants. It's important to make haste should you think your Boulder home is contaminated. Cherry Inc. is professionals at cleaning meth contamination and testing for its presence in the Boulder area. Our remediation specialists are trained to test for the presence of meth contamination effectively, and we will treat the premises thoroughly, ensuring that your safety is ensured for you, your family, or the occupants of your building in Boulder.

Reach Out to Boulder’s Remediation Specialists

Cherry Inc. has been an environmental remediation company in Boulder for decades. We specialize in mold remediation, lead paint remediation, meth contamination remediation, demolition, and more! Our expert remediation technicians are cross-trained in all types of remediation, and in the use of multiple types of remediation equipment. If you suspect that your home has been contaminated by methamphetamines, lead paint, mold, or any other hazards, reach out to Cherry Inc. and see what makes us a great choice in remediation service in Boulder.