Lead Paint Removal Services: Lead Testing, Inspection & Abatement in Cheyenne, WY

The potential threat of a nineteenth-century building in Cheyenne is the high likelihood of the presence of lead paint. Cherry Inc. recommends lead paint removal or remediation as a necessary treatment for the homes that are old enough to likely have deteriorating lead paint, putting toxic lead paint particles in the air where they can pose a threat to the health of those on the property. With professional lead paint testing performed by our contractors, we can determine a solution for you and your building. While lead paint removal is recommended, it is not the only method for making a building safe, and after lead paint testing, we can educate you about your options. Cherry Inc. will eliminate the threat entirely through lead paint removal or one of the options below for your Cheyenne building.

Lead Paint Removal and More for the Cheyenne Building

Types of Lead Paint Remediation are:

Removal –The most effective and popular form of remediation of lead in Cheyenne is lead paint removal. After an inspection has been performed and lead paint removal has been chosen we will determine how to go about the process. Lead paint removal can be performed through sanding, wire brushing, and liquid paint removal. Cherry Inc. will walk you through each step of your lead paint removal to make sure you’re prepared for pricing and duration of the undertaking.

Replacement –Should lead paint removal not be the solution for your Cheyenne property, we can perform a replacement. Replacement is removing and replacing the surfaces that contain lead paint entirely using new units. For some Cheyenne clients, this is a huge undertaking that ultimately isn’t worth it for them as a lead paint removal technique. However, it is a great way to start over fresh in your Cheyenne home without the risk of exposure to a toxic material.

Encapsulation –To fix the threat of lead paint in your Cheyenne home without going through with lead paint removal involves two other methods. One of these is encapsulation where the existing paint is coated with a long-lasting, paint-like substance. This solution is not permanent, as abrasion over time will make the people in your Cheyenne building at risk. However, this is a great solution for smaller, simpler issues for the client in Cheyenne who don’t want more intensive processes of lead paint removal.

Enclosure –The other method of lead paint abatement that does not require lead paint removal is the enclosure. The lead-containing area of your Cheyenne building will be sectioned off by drywall or another material. The drawback with enclosure is that the lead paint stays on the surfaces and must be handled again if the enclosing surface needs to be taken down or sustains damage. Enclosure is an “out of sight, out of mind” solution to lead paint removal for the Cheyenne client.

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If lead paint removal is something you need to have performed in your older Cheyenne home, we are waiting on your call. We will inspect the situation and resolve these environmental issues quickly and effectively with the help of our experienced team who know lead paint removal in and out. For the health and safety of those you love, take steps to make your Cheyenne environment safe, and the threat of lead poisoning at bay. Call Cherry Inc. to get your older building inspected and protect yourself with lead paint removal or whatever steps you’re willing to take. Call Cherry Inc. today!