Environmental Remediation & Demolition Company in Colorado

Cherry Inc. is an environmental solutions company serving Colorado for over 27 years.  Our employees have performed thousands of environmental and demolition projects from residential to complex, multi-phase projects. We tackle restoration projects such as crime scene and biohazard cleanups as well as lead paint, soil and meth contamination remediation. We are highly trained and qualified to deal with dangerous materials and hazardous demolition projects. Check out the cities we serve below!

Residential Services

Many home owners may encounter environmental concerns prior to purchasing a house, during a remodel of a kitchen or lavatory facility, or a simple heating upgrade. Environmental concerns may range from mold or asbestos to lead-based paint, just to name a few. These concerns are very prominent in older homes.

Commercial Services

From high-rise buildings, hotels, apartment units, hospitals and malls, Cherry Inc. excels at fast, efficient means and methods to complete projects. 

Industrial Services

With new concerns reaching around the globe for cleaner and more efficient means of producing energy for municipalities and private organizations, Cherry Inc. prides itself on our past knowledge of industrial projects performed.

This includes decommissioning, dismantlement and demolition of power plants, mining facilities and infrastructures process or energy sites. These areas normally have multiple contaminated areas with numerous environmental disposal waste stream issues that need to be addressed during an environmental remediation process.

These team-effort type of projects can be very tedious and time consuming for the owner’s representative. Cherry Inc. can cut down these efforts not only in time, but in allowing a safer and efficient process throughout the project.