Lead Paint Removal Services: Lead Testing, Inspection & Abatement in Colorado Springs, CO

What’s not to love about Colorado Springs’s beautiful and historical aesthetic? The timeless look and charm of the architecture is a welcome addition to the already beautiful city, but 19th-century architecture is not without its hazards, like lead paint. Different methods are used for lead paint removal and protection for Colorado Springs homes. After we conduct an inspection and test for the presence of lead, the paint may be determined to be treatable without a total lead paint removal procedure. To find out if lead paint removal is a necessary procedure for your Colorado Springs home and the health of its inhabitants, reach out to Cherry Inc.

Lead Paint Removal Options for the Colorado Springs Home or Building

Lead Paint Remediation Techniques Include:

Removal – Our most popular type of remediation in the Colorado Springs area is lead paint removal. If your home shows up positive for lead paint, we will use one of our methods of lead paint removal like sanding, wire brushing, or liquid paint remover. Cherry Inc. will do its best for Colorado Springs resident to access the surfaces in their home and conduct lead paint removal without causing too much damage to your home.

Replacement –The easiest way to ensure complete lead paint removal for Colorado Springs clients is a replacement. In this method of abatement, we remove and replace the lead-containing surface after determining there is a presence of lead. This is an extreme form of lead paint removal, but replacement offers a complete solution for Colorado Springs homeowners for the surfaces in their house.

Encapsulation – When our Colorado Springs team has detected the lead paint, we might recommend encapsulation to treat the problem as it is the simplest method and doesn’t require any methods of lead paint removal. This method consists of painting over the leaded paint in your Colorado Springs home with a clear paint-like substance, creating a long-lasting seal. This method is not without its drawbacks as the coating is not permanent and can be subject to abrasion. For the smaller and simpler issues in Colorado Springs or spaces which require few annoyances, encapsulation can be an easy and effective alternative to lead paint removal.

Enclosure –This process involves sectioning off the lead-containing area with drywall or another material and involves no actual lead paint removal. The enclosure is not always recommended as the threat of the lead paint will still be present if the enclosing surfaces are damaged or taken down. The enclosure is the “out of sight out of mind” alternative to lead paint removal for our Colorado Springs clients and their buildings.

Call Today for Lead Paint Removal in Colorado Springs

Should you need lead paint removal for your Colorado Springs home or old building you own or manage, contact the Cherry Inc. today. We will inspect the situation and resolve these environmental issues quickly and effectively with our experienced team. For the health and safety of those you love, take steps to make your environment safe, and the threat of lead poisoning at bay. Call Cherry Inc. in Colorado Springs to get your older building inspected and protect yourself with lead paint removal if necessary, call today!