Denver Bonds used by Cherry Environmental

Bonds are implemented throughout most construction projects to create a sense of security about completion of tasks and confidence in payments for each step in the construction projects completion.

Bonds implemented by Cherry Environmental include Bid Bonds, Performance Bonds, Payment Bonds, and Material Bonds.  Bonds are debt securities, that signify one or more parties as indebted to another party, these are traditionally backed by banks or similar financial institutions.  The role of the backer or financial institution is to ensure payment should the bond require it.  Bonds can be a very complicated matter but know that Cherry Environmental is experienced in their application and use, to create confidence in the project’s completion.

Bid Bonds

Bid Bonds are used in the supply bidding process, in essence guaranteeing that a contractor will complete a project they have bid for.  This is implemented through a cash deposit that will be forfeited should the contractor fail to completer the contract’s project.  These bonds are the first bond in a projects process that ensure project completion.

Performance Bonds

Performance Bonds is a type of surety bond. These are most commonly backed by a bank or similar financial institution such as an insurance company. Surety bonds are to ensure that projects, and jobs will be completed by the contractor’s that successfully bid on them, these are the second bond for construction project. Should the contractor fail to fulfill the construction project, the performance bond guarantees compensation up to the value of the performance bid.

Payment and Material Bonds

Payment Bonds are another type of surety bond; however, this bond protects the suppliers for the construction project. Material supply is often provided by subcontractors and the necessity for surety bonds for projects is also why payment bonds are necessary. Material supply is often done over a period with payment through installments or upon completion. If, however the contractor purchasing supplies were to have trouble with financing, material supply companies can be left uncompensated. Thus, Payment Bonds ensure that 100% of the original contracts value will be paid to the company, creating a security in Material supply. Payment Bonds are often called material bonds because they are specific to the material supplied, however some payment bonds are for labor supplied to the project.
Payment and Material Bonds are typically acquired by the contractor as a surety to the owner of the overall project. These bonds are to protect parties with a vested interest in the project.

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