Cherry Inc.’s Insurances held for Denver Projects

Cherry Inc. continued operation in Denver is contingent on always delivering what is promised, but the safety of our employees, equipment, the property surrounding projects, and especially any individuals effected by our work is paramount.  Proper insurance helps Cherry Inc. to perform any Denver contract with confidence.  For this reason, Cherry Inc. holds several important types of Insurance.

General Liability Insurance

Cherry Inc. holds General Liability Insurance for all of its employees and their operations throughout the Denver area.  These are primarily used in the cases of injury or property damage on Cherry Inc property, or by Cherry Inc. employees, however unlikely.

Automobile Liability Insurance

Cherry Inc. has a number of vehicles at its disposal for the various projects performed in the Denver area, from Demolition, to Contaminant Removal, and even Sewage Cleanup. Operating multiple trucks in Denver’s traffic heavy urban areas requires Automobile insurance to help us keep moving despite any hiccups in rush hour.

Pollution Liability Insurance

Cherry Inc. handles a variety of hazardous materials across Denver in the operation and completion of projects. Meth contamination, Demolition, Crime Scene Cleanup, Biohazard Cleanup and Sewage Cleanup all involve pollutants and hazardous materials. Pollution Liability Insurance protects third parties that may be effected by the operation and completion of Cherry Inc.’s projects across Denver. These policies can be for specific projects or can encompass all operations.

Asbestos, Mold and Demolition Liability Insurance

Cherry Inc.’s variety of projects handle an innumerable type of materials and substances that can be hazardous to contractors and employees handling them. These create risks and while Cherry Inc. does everything it can to prevent injury or material handling related illnesses the risks persist. Insurance coverage for Asbestos and Mold, allow us to handle claims and continue operating. Likewise, demolition in Denver involves a great deal of risk of injury and also handles hazardous material. Insurance coverage helps to protect Cherry Inc and its employees.

Workers Compensation and other Programs

Workers Compensation Laws in Colorado and Denver are in place to protect employees of companies in the case of serious injury during a projects performance. These set specific guidelines about what employees will receive in the case of injury. Cherry Inc. performs a variety of dangerous and hazardous tasks that can cause these types of Injury despite stringent safety protocols. Cherry Inc.’s wide variety of tasks in fields that are dangerous can often invoke other local Denver, state, or federal safety and insurance programs to protect employees and third parties. Cherry Inc is well versed in all necessary programs associated with projects and their completion, Denver clients can rest easy knowing that Cherry Inc. has every necessary protection in place.

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