Lead Paint Removal Services: Lead Testing, Inspection & Abatement in Denver, CO

Many people fall in love with Denver’s historic neighborhoods and late 19th-century architecture. However, there is a high chance that many of those charming older buildings in Denver also have a huge health hazard within them in the form of lead paint. Degrading lead paint has been found to carry a risk of lead poisoning risk, so property owners with places in Denver that are more than 40 years old need to seek lead paint abatement services. A certified professional like those at Cherry Inc. can inspect the painted surface and tell you if lead paint abatement or removal is necessary.

Does Your Denver Property Need Lead Paint Abatement?

The best way to get a gauge on whether you have a risk at your Denver home or business that needs lead paint abatement is with proper inspection and lead paint testing from Cherry Inc. Because it's only hazardous when its decaying, one of our Denver testing technicians may decide the paint is suitable to leave up. However, if the lead paint is releasing tiny dust particles into the air at the Denver property, lead paint removal is recommended, and there are a few lead paint abatement procedures we can use.

Lead Paint Abatement Methods for Denver Homes and Businesses

  • Removal– Lead paint removal can be accomplished via numerous methods, such as sanding, wire brushing, or using a liquid paint remover. Our professionals in Denver will assess the painted surface and determine the best tool to proceed with for lead paint removal.
  • Encapsulation–This lead paint abatement technique consists of painting over the hazard with a sealant. It is a quick and easy option, but if the area receives high traffic it will only be a temporary fix, and eventually, lead paint removal will be needed.
  • Enclosure– Enclosure is another method where lead paint removal is handled by covering up the hazard. With enclosure, the offending area is sectioned off with drywall by our Denver lead paint professionals, so it is “out of sight, out of mind.”
  • Replacement– Replacement is the most extreme of the lead paint removal options we provide to our Denver clients. This process involves taking out and replacing the affected surface with an entirely new unit as a way to ensure lead paint removal.

Call Cherry Inc. for Lead Paint Abatement Services in Denver

Cherry Inc. has provided professional environmental remediations to Denver home and business owners since 1990. One of our focuses is mold abatement services, where our expert technicians rid places of the hazard, which has been long banned for residential and commercial structures but still exists in many in the Denver area. If there is lead paint in a building, we can care of it via one of our lead paint removal procedures. Call Cherry Inc. today to get more information about Denver lead paint abatement services and to get a free estimate.