Lead Paint Removal & Remediation in Denver, CO

Many people have fallen in love with Denver’s historic neighborhoods and houses. The late 19th century architecture of many of the city’s buildings provides a unique and vibrant feel down any street in Denver.  The tragic drawback to the presence of so many old and historic buildings is that a number of them are likely to contain lead paint.

There are many different circumstances under which lead paint should be removed. In some cases. However, after proper inspection, the paint may be declared suitable to leave up. In any case, if you live in an older home in Denver, Colorado, reach out to Cherry Inc. and have your property tested for the presence of lead paint.

Lead Paint Removal Options

Removal – The most common method of cleanup is lead paint removal. There are numerous methods to remove lead paints such as sanding, wire brushing, or using a liquid paint remover. We will assess the painted surface and determine how best to proceed with paint removal while causing as little damage as possible to the surface.

Replacement – Replacement is the most extreme of the lead paint remediation options. This process involves removing and fully replacing the affected surface with an entirely new unit. While an elaborate, extreme and expensive option, replacement offers a complete solution to homeowners in cases where the affected surface has seen many layers of paint, or is simply older and worn to the point where it would not survive the restoration process.

Encapsulation – Encapsulation is the simplest way to remediate lead paint in your home. The process consists of simply painting over the lead paint with a clear, paint-like substance that will create a strong and long-lasting seal over the lead. The largest drawback of this method is that the coating is not permanent, and can be eroded if the surface repeatedly rubs up against other things. However, for small jobs, or homes that maintain a calmer atmosphere, encapsulation can be an easy and effective option.

Enclosure – Enclosure is a method by which the offending area is sectioned off with drywall or other building materials, but not removed. This is not always recommended, as the harmful lead paint will remain on the premises and must be handled again if the enclosing surface is damaged or taken away. But for those who prefer and “out of sight, out of mind” lead paint remediation solution, enclosure could be the perfect option.

Should you need lead paint removal for your home or old building you own or manage, contact the Cherry Inc. today. We will inspect the situation and resolve these environmental issues quickly.

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