Lead Paint Testing & Inspection in Denver, CO

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Having an experienced professional handle the lead paint inspection in your Denver home or business can be the difference between going on with a healthy life or battling lead poisoning. Children under six years old are especially vulnerable to lead poisoning, which occurs from inhaling chips of lead-based paint or lead-contaminated dust, potentially leading to mental and physical development problems. Some of the symptoms associated with lead poisoning include learning difficulties, developmental delay, irritability, fatigue, abdominal pain, vomiting, hearing loss, seizures, just to name a few. If you or your doctor believe that you may be living or working around lead paint at your Denver property, call the lead paint inspection professionals at Cherry Environmental to put an end to the problem immediately.

While Denver continues to grow at a substantial rate, there are still several old, historic homes and businesses around town. While these structures are still wonderful places to live and work, there is a possibility that these buildings can pose different health risks. Buildings built after 1978 are safe from lead paint, but every building built before that is fair game. While lead paint is fine as long as it remains intact, it becomes hazardous to people's health when it begins to chip off the walls of your Denver property. If you are unsure whether or not your Denver home or business was painted with lead paint, contact the team of lead paint testing professionals at Cherry Environmental today.

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We understand how serious proper lead paint testing is and that's why we've worked hard to assemble a team of experience professionals that Denver home and business owners can trust. When you hire the lead paint inspection team at Cherry Environmental to locate and remove the lead paint in your Denver property, you know you're receiving comprehensive service from a high-quality company. Don’t leave the health of your employees, loved ones, or yourself in the hands of just anyone, procure the proven lead paint inspection services of Cherry Environmental in Denver.

Keeping Denver Safe Through Lead Paint Testing

At Cherry Environmental, there is nothing more important to us than keeping Denver home and business owners healthy, and that's what we strive to do through our lead paint inspection services. We believe that our Denver clients shouldn't have to live in fear of whether or not their home or business is safe, and we want to do everything we can to make sure that they live the healthy, productive lives that they deserve to live.

If you feel like our lead paint testing services would benefit you and or your Denver property, feel free to contact the team of experienced professionals at Cherry Environmental today. We want to make sure that our Denver clients live and work in the safest buildings possible.