Meth Contamination Removal & Remediation in Denver, CO

The common stereotype is that meth use is isolated to low income neighborhoods and rural areas. Few Denver homeowners would suspect that their quaint abode in Washington Park could actually be harming their health, but statistics indicate that the number of homes in Denver testing positive for meth contamination are drastically rising compared to several years ago. 

While home-test kits are available, they can be unreliable. If you suspect meth contamination in your Denver home, it is recommended to contact a professional meth remediation company. Cherry Inc. has 27 years of experience as a remediation service in Denver. For reliable and accurate methamphetamine contamination testing and remediation, reach out to us today!

High Concentration of Meth Contamination

If your Denver home is contaminated with meth from past occupants or break ins, you could be breathing in harmful, unsafe air. Air that has been contaminated by meth can have numerous negative health effects. For homes that have been used as a laboratory, effects can include respiratory and cardiovascular damage, as well as any number of effects if the occupants accidentally come in contact with any substances left from the previous owner.

The Dangers of Meth Contamination

“Non-porous” objects such as hard surfaces, and solid objects can generally be cleaned and reclaimed after meth contamination. However, objects that are considered “porous”, such as rugs and mattresses, cannot be reclaimed, and must be replaced.

It is important to move quickly if you suspect meth contamination in your home. Cherry Inc. specializes in meth contamination and testing in Denver, Colorado and the surrounding metro area. Our remediation specialists are trained to efficiently test for the presence of methamphetamine contamination and treat the premises thoroughly, ensuring that it is safe for you, your family, and any future occupants.

Reach Out to Denver’s Remediation Specialists.

Cherry Inc. has been an environmental remediation company in Denver for over 25 years. We specialize in mold remediation, lead paint remediation, meth contamination remediation, demolition, and more! Our expert remediation technicians are cross trained in all types of remediation, and in the use of multiple types of remediation equipment. If you suspect that your home has been contaminated by methamphetamines, lead paint, mold, or any other hazards, reach out to Cherry Inc. and see what makes us the best remediation service in Denver.