Meth Testing & Inspection in Denver, CO

Despite popular belief, meth labs appear in more than just low-income neighborhoods. Residents exposed to methamphetamine and or the byproducts of its creation are at risk of experiencing long-lasting detriments to their health that they may carry with them even after moving out of a contaminated Denver property. Meth contamination testing and inspection are critical to making sure that your home or business is a safe space for all who frequent or occupy it. Trust the inspectors with 27 years of experience at Cherry Inc. to help you ensure the safety of your Denver property.

Professional Meth Clean Up of Denver

Before conducting a meth clean up, it’s important for a detailed inspection to first be completed in order to determine the level of contamination at a property. Furthermore, meth testing should only be performed by trained professionals to assure the thoroughness of the inspection as well as the accuracy of the result. With daily safety meetings keeping our personnel updated on the latest procedures and regulations, Cherry Inc. is Denver’s best choice for meth inspection and clean up services.

Testing for Meth Decontamination in Denver

There are two ways to test for meth, one of them being the wipe test. The wipe test involves the wiping of a saturated colorimetric wipe against a potentially contaminated surface within one’s property, the extraction of which is then sent to a lab in order to determine whether meth decontamination is necessary. The second method is using instant at home meth contamination test, which only test whether the residue is present in a small area. To definitively find out whether or not your Denver property needs meth decontamination, please contact us at Cherry Inc. for our professional help.

Denver’s Meth Remediation for Top Health

Meth remediation is a delicate procedure because being exposed to methamphetamine can cause a variety of adverse health effects. An improperly executed remediation job could leave you, as well as those who frequent or occupy your Denver property, exposed to meth and or its byproducts. So, if you, your family, or your employees are regularly experiencing symptoms such as difficulties concentrating, itchy skin, irritability, paranoia, persistent breathing difficulties, nervousness, anxiety or confusion, consider reaching out to our meth remediation specialists. To ensure your Denver home or business is a good candidate for meth remediation, our professionals can perform a comprehensive inspection of your property.

Call Denver’s Meth Removal Specialists Today

Cherry Inc. is an environmental remediation company that has been serving Denver for over 25 years and one of the services that we specialize in is meth abatement. The byproducts of the production and or use of meth within a home or business can sink into a property and stay long after the culprits have left. Our Denver meth removal experts will work to rid your property of the hazards that linger from drug use or manufacturing. If you suspect that a home has been contaminated by methamphetamine, inquire about our meth removal services!