Mold Remediation Services in Denver, CO

There are many myths about mold out there, one of which is that once your mold removal project is completed, the property is then in the clear. Depending on the severity of mold growth at a Denver property, this might not be the case, because mold removal may only treat the surface but not the root of the problem, so there is a possibility that it will return. To ensure mold does not make a reappearance at your Denver home or business, it is important to hire a full-service remediation company like Cherry Inc., that can perform mold remediation services that are sure to fully rid the space of mold.

Why Mold Removal is Necessary in Denver

Besides its unsightly appearance in the form of dark fuzzy spots, mold removal is vital because leaving it can be detrimental to well-being for people in Denver. If a mold problem is not remediated, the toxic spores, irritants, and allergens can be released in the air and then breathed in by Denver building occupants, which can result in a long list of health problems. Mold removal is urgent and especially necessary if Denver residents, employees, or customers are already showing signs of ingestion, which include sneezing, red eyes, and rashes. If you do not set up a mold removal and have long-term exposure in Denver, it can cause asthma or neurological problems and even be fatal for children or the elderly.

Denver Mold Remediation to Prevent Future Problems

Our remediation company takes our time with all jobs in Denver, making sure the space is adequately cleaned so the issue doesn’t return. We focus on mold remediation because often after a mold removal job is completed, traces still lurk behind or under the surface level. When you contact Cherry Inc. of Denver, our skilled remediation experts begin by inspecting to pinpoint the water damage source so we can start remediating mold from the root of the problem. Our Denver mold removal specialists wear protective equipment and take precautions to secure moldy areas, then employ several sanitation methods such as using HVAC air vacuums and scrubbing everything with disinfectant. The final step of mold remediation in Denver is drying with fans and dehumidifiers and replacing or repairing any surfaces that mold removal impacted.

Remediating Mold at Denver Properties for 25 Years

At Cherry Inc., we pride ourselves on a long list of happy clients in Denver that we created over the years by not just removing mold problems but remediating them. Mold growth is something that works fast to damage structures and impact the health of those in the building, but our team of Denver mold remediation specialists works fast to stop it in its tracks and make sure it doesn’t come back. If you have mold at your Denver property, give us a call about our mold remediation services.