Soil Contamination Testing & Inspection in Denver, CO

While the soil around your home in Denver may look fine, there are a number of things that can contaminate the earth on your property and that can lead to a bevy of issues. Since many of these pollutants are microscopic elements, it is hard to tell with the naked eye that something is wrong in your yard, which is why Cherry Inc. offers soil inspection services to the Denver area. Our professional soil testing experts are equipped with top of the line equipment when it comes to gathering information and conducting soil contamination tests in Denver.

Contaminants We Look for in Denver Soil Inspections

  • Petroleum – from oil/gasoline spills
  • Pesticides/herbicides/fertilizers – used for farming or gardening
  • Waste- from improper disposal of sewage or wastewater
  • Chemicals – fossil fuels from Denver’s atmosphere
  • Lead – dust particles from lead paint
  • Arsenic – used as a wood preservative

Why Should You Get a Soil Contamination Test in Denver?

Many of the pollutants listed above are too small to see at the surface level, so the only way to know if they are lurking within your soil is with soil testing. If you are unsure about the status of your land in Denver, you should seek soil inspection services to find out if any chemicals and contaminants are present because pollutants can have some consequences that go far beyond the dirt. Contaminated soil means that anything planted is also contaminated, leading to failed gardens and rotten fruit and vegetable crops. Another reason to proceed with soil testing in Denver is because contaminants could be affecting the groundwater.

When to Seek Soil Testing Services at Denver Properties

Allowing our Denver professionals to handle your soil contamination test can save money, time and hassle from unwanted surprises later. If you plan to plant a garden, allow us to complete a soil inspection at the Denver property first. After a large storm, it is smart to seek soil testing services because the running water could bring all sorts of contaminants that dried into your soil. If you move to a new home in Denver and there is no information available about soil quality, it’s a good idea to invest in a soil inspection. Lastly, if you or a neighbor have homes with lead-based paint and recently invested in remodeling or deconstruction, call Cherry Inc. to perform a soil contamination test because airborne lead paint dust could have been deposited in the dirt.

Call Cherry Inc. of Denver for Soil Contamination Tests

Our environmental solutions company has been in business since 1990 and performed soil testing and inspections at many Denver area properties to find remediation for pollutants. Soil contamination tests can reveal the size and severity of any chemicals or metals on your property, that may be harming your plants, food or water source. If you suspect there is an issue within your soil, give us a call to inquire about the quality soil testing services Cherry Inc. offers to Denver.