Lead Paint Removal Services: Lead Testing, Inspection & Abatement in Highlands Ranch, CO

Lead was a common ingredient used in house paint before its dangers were fully understood. Although it was banned for painting in the U.S. in 1978, millions of homes and businesses still have lead based paint on their walls, both inside and out. Lead paint poses a health risk to people, and pets especially if it begins to deteriorate. Because of the health problems associated with its use, it is highly suggested that older homes and establishments be tested. Lead paint removal in the Highlands Ranch are should be performed by a licensed professional to ensure that proper procedures are followed.

The Risks of Lead in Highlands Ranch

Lead can enter one’s body through the bloodstream, ingesting contaminated dust, children eating paint chips, or breathing fumes. If you have a slight inclination that your property may be contaminated with lead, the symptoms to look out for include reproductive problems, difficulties in pregnancy, headaches muscle and joint pain. Children, especially those under two years old, are extremely sensitive to lead paint. When remodeling or painting your Highlands Ranch home that has lead paint, the best course of action is to hire a professional. Cherry Inc. is trained and certified in lead paint removal.

Highlands Ranch’s Experienced Lead Paint Removal Professionals

Cherry Inc. is one of the premier lead paint removal companies in the Highlands Ranch area. We have over 25 years of experience and our team of experts has handled several lead paints removal projects. Cherry Inc. provides excellent customer service, a guaranteed quick response, caring and very competitive pricing. We always make sure your health and the safety of your property and our workers are taken care of.

The Importance of Safe Lead Paint Removal in Highlands Ranch

Homes in Highlands Ranch containing deteriorating lead-based paint are a health threat, therefore anyone who is in contact needs to wear protective clothing to reduce the risk of exposure. At Cherry Inc. we ensure that individuals conducting lead-based paint removal are trained and certified to work on your property. Working safely entails following a series of effective containment and cleaning protocols that our lead paint removal experts adhere to. When it comes to lead removal in your Highlands Ranch home, we take your health and the health of our crew seriously. You can count on our Lead paint removal experts to be reliable effective and maintain a safe work practice.

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