Asbestos Removal Services: Asbestos Testing, Inspection & Abatement in Lakewood, CO

In the 1900s and prior, many structural engineers involved in homebuilding recommended a versatile product called asbestos to Lakewood construction firms. Robust, lightweight, and incredibly fire-resistant, it was considered a phenomenal building material. Later research linked asbestos particles to some negative health problems, and similarly to lead paint, it was then banned. This means that newer housing developments in Lakewood are in the clear, but homes built before 1989 probably contain asbestos. To find out if this is the case for your Lakewood home, you need an asbestos test done by a certified technician to determine if your property warrants asbestos abatement or removal.

Places Asbestos Can Be in a Lakewood Property

Here are just a few areas of a structure that is likely to contain asbestos:

  • Insulation
  • Pipes
  • Ceiling, roof, or floor tiles
  • Board siding
  • Window putty
  • Air ducts
  • Paint
  • Electrical outlets and fuse boxes
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Dishwashers and clothing driers

Testing for Asbestos in Lakewood

Owners of older homes in Lakewood may be wondering: If so much of their dwelling is covered in a toxic material, isn’t the home a toxic environment? Not necessarily, as there is only a hazard present when the asbestos-containing surface is starting to deteriorate and release tiny chemical fibers into the air. While most healthy Lakewood residents can breathe in minuscule particles with no ill effects, respiring a high concentration of asbestos can lead to it accumulating in the lungs, causing serious health problems. If you are unsure about the presence of asbestos in your Lakewood home, reach out to Cherry Inc., and one of our technicians will conduct asbestos testing at your property, determining if and where it is hiding. A heavy volume of asbestos fibers in the air may cause chest pain, shortness of breath, or wet cough as well as respiratory issues like mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis. Your home shouldn’t make you sick, Lakewood property owners should have their properties tested for asbestos to determine if they require asbestos abatement or removal.

Asbestos Abatement VS Asbestos Removal in Lakewood

Once you receive an asbestos inspection for your Lakewood property, the next step is drafting a plan to get rid of it. Our technicians formulate a mitigation strategy by taking into account how much asbestos is present and how much damage it has done to the Lakewood building. Some exposure cases are relatively mild and can be fixed through a technique referred to as asbestos abatement. For Lakewood properties that require a more intensive asbestos removal job, we perform typical abatement measures while adding some additional steps, as those projects are ones in which the initial asbestos test revealed the presence of heavy contamination. Cherry Inc.’s skilled Lakewood technicians will remove any surface containing asbestos at dangerous levels and dispose of it safely. Anything that is taken out will be rebuilt and put back in via one of our Lakewood reconstruction firm partners. Call today to get started!