Mold Removal Services: Mold Testing, Inspection & Remediation in Lakewood, CO

The appearance of mold in your Lakewood home is undoubtedly worrisome, but not necessarily a reason for panic. There are different levels of mold development, and likewise, varying remediation tactics for mold. Some Lakewood homeowners attempt DIY mold remediation and look towards Google or an aisle at Home Depot for how to test, inspect, and remove mold. However, due to the toxic nature of fungal growth, its removal and remediation are tasks best left to professionals, like the educated technicians at Lakewood’s Cherry Inc. We are well-versed in all things mold, with a plethora of experience in the mold removal process, from testing for mold and inspecting mold samples to developing and executing a mold remediation plan that meets the needs of your Lakewood property.

How We Rid Your Lakewood Property of Mold

Rome wasn’t built in one day, and neither is mold growth. By the time the unsightly fungi become visible in your Lakewood home, the bacteria have likely been forming for some time. Quick action is necessary when removing mold or conducting the remediation of a mold problem because more damage means a more effortful mitigation process. First and foremost, in Cherry Inc.’s mold remediation process, our Lakewood technicians conduct comprehensive mold testing to identify affected zones as well as the root of the problem, taking samples to perform mold inspection on and gathering details about exactly what they are dealing with. If a surface is restorable, we will clean and repair it through mold remediation; if it cannot be saved or isn’t worth saving, we will recommend a total mold removal. Don’t let mold incubate any further, enlist the help of Lakewood’s Cherry Inc.

Got Mold in Lakewood?

Don’t wait! If you can see or suspect the presence of mold in your Lakewood home, reach out to us for help. Let our Lakewood experts tackle the issue problem every step of the way, from mold testing and inspection to the remediation or removal of moldy surfaces.