Meth Contamination: Meth Testing, Inspection, Removal & Remediation in Laramie, WY

If you are suspicious that your Laramie property has been made toxic due to the manufacturing or smoking of meth therein, and worry about the inhabitants in the building, do not hesitate to call in professionals who have effectively eradicated the threat of the chemical exposure for decades. Crystal meth use does not come with a rule guide that says it has to be isolated to low-income neighborhoods or rural areas. The fact is, users and manufacturers of this harmful drug can be found everywhere, and Laramie homeowners, as well as future home buyers, should be aware of how detrimental to their health it can be to be exposed to the byproducts of this drug. The amount of Laramie homes that are affected by this drug are numerous; luckily, Cherry Inc. is a trusted resource for meth cleanup. Don’t take methamphetamine contamination lightly, seek professional remediation to keep your loved ones safe.

Meth and the Laramie Home

Past occupants, break-ins, and more can result in a meth-contaminated property with hazardous air. Laramie buildings that were used as meth labs are particularly dangerous for people when compared to those used for only consumption, potentially leading to respiratory and cardiovascular damage because of how dangerous the byproducts of its manufacturing are. Cherry Inc. is well versed with remediating these issues and has decades of experience making Laramie properties affected livable once again. We don’t want anyone in Laramie to live in a hazardous environment, and we are ready to assist you in making your property a place where the air poses no threats.

The Cleanup of Meth in Laramie

The process of cleaning and restoring a Laramie property that has been exposed to meth must be handled with extreme caution due to the volatile nature of chemicals. It is best to leave meth lab cleanup to the professionals and call Cherry Inc. of Laramie. We begin with ventilating the area with HEPA filtration systems and heavy-duty fans to suck chemicals out of the indoor air. Next, in-depth sampling will tell us which areas of your Laramie property can be cleaned and restored versus which areas must be removed and replaced, based on chemical levels. Cleanup involves using HEPA filtered vacuums on porous surfaces like carpeting and furniture and specialty cleaners on hard surfaces like walls, ceilings, and hardwood or cement counters of your Laramie property. If anything is deemed to have a high-level exposure, it will be removed, and our Laramie contractors will reconstruct anything that has to be demolished. Your pipes and drains will be flushed to ensure that chemicals poured down drains are out of your water and septic systems. Once we have finished restoring the building we conduct follow up testing to make sure your property is in the clear.

Call Cherry Inc. Today for Laramie Meth Lab Cleanup!

We have over a quarter-decade of experience restoring buildings that have been damaged by the manufacturing and smoking of methamphetamine. Our Laramie technicians always wear protective gear and only use certified equipment to ensure the property is fully sanitized and safe.