Meth Contamination: Meth Testing, Inspection, Removal & Remediation in Littleton, CO

Recent research shows that the number of homes testing positive for meth contamination has been rising greatly. Despite popular belief, most would expect this to effect only low-income neighborhoods, but the issue has been spreading to the suburbs, and Littleton is not an exception. Confirm your home is safe by hiring Littleton’s most experienced meth specialist at Cherry Inc.

Honest Meth Clean Up Work in Littleton

Meth clean up is a disruptive procedure that can be incredibly costly. That’s why a certified inspection and testing is necessary to determine the extent of contamination and depth of remediation necessary. There are two options for meth testing. One can be conducted by any one with an at-home test. While this type of inspection only tells you whether meth residue is present, it’s only with professional testing that the amount and location of meth contamination can be determined. For a complete inspection, hire Littleton’s most experienced meth clean up specialist from Cherry Inc. Call us today for a free inspection on your Littleton property.

Littleton’s Meth Decontamination Professionals

Although some may believe that meth decontamination consists of bleach and a new coat of paint, that’s simply not the case. Even after a deep cleaning, side effects of meth will remain with the residents long after leaving the property. Some these side effects include: speediness, loss of appetite, inability to concentrate, itchy skin, dry eyes, irritability, paranoia, colds, breathing difficulty, sinus problems, headaches, nervousness, anxiety, and confusion. Avoid these consequences affecting your everyday life by employing a certified meth decontamination contractor from Cherry Inc.

Safe Meth Remediation of Littleton

For any meth remediation specialist, safety should be the number one priority. There are many safety procedures that you should ensure your contractor is taking. These procedures include by sealing off the area, covering air ducts, and soliciting masks to anyone on the premises. These practices will ensure that the meth residue will remain contained and that things will not incur further contamination. Contract meth remediation specialists that are sure to keep you safe every step of the way with Cherry Inc. of Littleton.

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Our staff members are highly trained and qualified to deal with dangerous materials and have perfected their abatement procedures over years of serving the Littleton area. Give us a call today to find out more about the services that we extend to the residential and commercial property owners of Littleton.