Lead Paint Removal Services: Lead Testing, Inspection & Abatement in Longmont, CO

Another prominent construction fad in Longmont from last century that we have since realized is hazardous is coating surfaces with lead-based paint.  Findings were released in the late 90s revealing that the microscopic particles that flake off lead paint are detrimental to the human body when they go through the respiratory system, and so the Consumer Product Safety Commission banned its application for residential buildings. Therefore, if your Longmont home was built after 1978, it is risk-free, but earlier housing potentially has lead paint somewhere and will need to have the lead paint removed if it is found to be a health hazard. To determine if your property is in danger, contact Longmont remediation company Cherry Inc., and we will pay a visit to your home and conduct the appropriate assessments. 

Lead Paint Removal to Avoid Hazard in Your Longmont Home

Despite the toxicity warnings, the existence of lead paint in your Longmont residence does not mean space is toxic by default . The potential risks of lead paint are only a matter of concern if  the coating is coming off and lead dust is deposited into the air. When the inhabitants of a Longmont establishment respire they enter the lungs and eventually the buildup of lead produces side effects like a headache, nausea, and fatigue and results in damage to the nervous, cardiovascular, and reproductive systems. Furthermore, lead is especially harmful to Longmont children, pregnant women, and pets. In consideration of all the associated dangers, it is strongly advised to have your Longmont residence tested for lead’s presence and received confidence in knowing the environmental quality of your home's air.  If the inspection indicates that the lead paint in your Lakewood home is putting you and your family at risk, it’s time to hire someone for lead paint removal. Cherry Inc. should be the restoration company you choose, as we have decades of experience removing lead paint form Longmont structures. 

Lead Paint Removal Options in Longmont

Lead Paint Remediation Techniques Include:
Encapsulation – The fastest and most basic strategy for relieving a space of a lead paint hazard is to mask the areas. Cherry Inc.’s Longmont technicians will cover the lead-based coat with fresh, risk-free paint, essentially trapping in the harmful particles. Although a quick fix, it’s not lasting; encapsulate product wears with time and will eventually reveal the spot again, at which time it will require a total lead paint removal. 
Enclosure – A rather easy method to keep structure occupants in Longmont protected from lead paint, this process entails placing a sheet of drywall over the area, blocking it in. An “out of sight out of mind” type of approach, it is in no way a permanent answer. 
Removal – If it is presumed a lead paint exposure at a Longmont building may not be properly remediated, our specialists execute a complete lead paint removal. This is an intensive technique of sanding, brushing, and stripping the walls and ceilings to remove the lead paint. 

Lead Paint Removal Techniques from Longmont's Cherry Inc. 

Learning that areas of your Longmont property are painted with a harmful substance is troubling for both our wellbeing and our wallets.  A complete lead paint removal project runs up a high bill; removing lead paint from an expansive home or corporate structure in Lakewood can be tens of thousands of dollars. Luckily, Longmont’s Cherry Inc. offers a number of different services for lead paint removal, provided at varying costs and presenting varying outcomes. After inspecting your Longmont structure, our skilled technicians can identify which solution we will use to remove the lead paint, depending on how weathered the paint is.