Mold Remediation Services: Testing, Inspection & Removal in Longmont, CO

Mold showing up in a Longmont building is certainly causing for concern, but no need to panic. There are various degrees of mold development and similarly, ranging remediation strategies for a mold problem. Many Longmont property owners attempt DIY mold remediation and check out search engines or a section at Home Depot for methods to test for mold, inspect mold, and execute mold removal. But because of the hazardous qualities of fungal growth, its removal and remediation are measures better suited for experts, like the qualified technicians at Longmont's Cherry Inc. We are knowledgeable in all matters concerning mold and promise to be safe and accurate all the way through the mold removal job in Longmont, from testing for mold and inspecting mold samples to creating and carrying out a mold remediation plan. 

Mold-Related Health Risks

When mold starts forming in a Longmont property, it makes a grand entrance of musty, dark stains on your walls, floors, and ceilings. What isn’t as noticeable are the numerous negative effects that mold’s little airborne spores have on the wellbeing of individuals in the building breathing the air. When we breathe, any mold particles hovering close by entering our respiratory system, and a large concentration of them can be a reason to worry.  When the mold is not removed or a Longmont mold issue not remediated, the consequences are revealed in health problems experienced by the structure's inhabitants. High levels of mold result in allergic reactions, asthma attacks and a variety of side effects in the nose, throat, chest, and sinuses. People experiencing significant exposure to mold in Longmont can suffer from symptoms including coughing, shortness of breath, hay fever, headaches, nausea, and fatigue. To protect against these alarming health issues, let Cherry Inc. perform mold testing and mold inspection at your Longmont building.

How We Rid Your Longmont Property of Mold

Rome wasn’t built in one day, and neither is mold growth. At the point that the unwanted fungi turn up in your Longmont dwelling, the bacteria have probably been developing for a while. A rapid response is essential when removing mold or conducting remediation of a mold problem because more deterioration means more work must be done to abate the problem. At the start of a Cherry Inc. mold remediation job, our Longmont technicians do extensive mold testing to pinpoint the source of the outbreak and collect samples to conduct mold inspection on and get information about precisely what they are confronting. If a region is restorable we will sanitize and repair it with a method known as mold remediation; if it cannot be salvaged, we will suggest a complete mold removal. Both strategies include hazard safeguards like Longmont technicians donning protective gear, securing damaged areas, and using high-quality equipment for capturing aerial mold particles like HEPA air scrubbers and vacuums. 

Got Mold in Longmont?

Don’t wait! If you can see or suspect mold is in your Longmont home somewhere, reach out to us for help. Let our Longmont experts tackle the issue problem every step of the way, from mold testing and mold inspection to the remediation or removal of moldy surfaces.