Lead Paint Removal Services: Lead Testing, Inspection & Abatement in Loveland, CO

Another popular trend in Loveland for homebuilding fifty years ago that we now know isn’t safe was painting with a lead-based lacquer. Research came out in the late 90s showing that the tiny particles from lead paint are harmful to human health when they enter the respiratory system, and thus the Consumer Product Safety Commission placed a ban on their use for residential structures. This means that if you own property in Loveland that was constructed after 1978, you are in the clear. But if your Loveland home was built in the years prior, it likely contains lead paint somewhere and will require removal of the lead paint if it's deemed to be a health hazard. To find out if your space is at risk, call Loveland remediation company Cherry Inc., and we will come to your home and conduct the necessary assessments.

Lead Paint Removal to Avoid Hazard in Your Loveland Home

Not every Loveland home with lead paint is automatically toxic, though. Many people only opt for lead paint removal services once it starts to become a risk when the painted surfaces receive wear and tear. Upon contact, lead dust is dispersed into the air, resulting in the buildings’ occupants inhaling the small particles. If enough lead dust enters your respiratory system, it can lead to some very serious health issues associated with lead poisoning. Some signs of unsafe lead particle amount in the body include headache, nausea, and fatigue and can lead to damage to the nervous, cardiovascular, and reproductive systems. Lead is especially toxic to kids because they are still growing and to pregnant women in Loveland because they can pass the negative physical consequences onto their unborn child. These risks are why lead paint removal is recommended for Loveland properties with a high concentration of lead particles in the air.

Lead Paint Removal Options in Loveland

Lead Paint Remediation Techniques include:

Encapsulation – The fastest and most basic strategy for relieving a space of a lead paint hazard is to mask the areas. Cherry Inc.’s Loveland technicians will cover the lead-based coat with fresh, risk-free paint, essentially trapping in the harmful particles. Although a quick fix, it’s not lasting; encapsulate product wears with time and will eventually reveal the spot again, at which time it will require a total lead paint removal. 

Enclosure – A rather easy method to keep structure occupants in Loveland protected from lead paint, this process entails placing a sheet of drywall over the area, blocking it in. An “out of sight out of mind” type of approach, it is in no way a permanent answer. 

Removal – If it is presumed a lead paint exposure at a Loveland building may not be properly remediated, our specialists execute a complete lead paint removal. This is an intensive technique of sanding, brushing, and stripping the walls and ceilings to remove the lead paint. 

Lead Paint Removal Techniques from Loveland’s Cherry Inc.

Discovering that your Loveland home is coated with something that could poison you and your family is certainly unsettling but also upsetting regarding finances. A full-scale lead paint removal project for a large building in Loveland can cost several tens of thousands of dollars. However, there are a few methods for removing lead paint and mitigating exposure that we take depending on the state of decline of the paint, and Cherry Inc.’s expert restoration technicians can inspect your Loveland property and find the most effective option at the lowest cost to you.