Mold Removal Services: Mold Testing, Inspection & Remediation in Loveland, CO

Mold showing up in a Loveland building is certainly causing for concern, but no need to panic. There are various degrees of mold development and similarly, ranging remediation strategies for a mold problem. Many Loveland property owners attempt DIY mold remediation and check out search engines or a section at Home Depot for methods to test for mold, inspect mold, and execute mold removal. But because of the hazardous qualities of fungal growth, its removal and remediation are measures better suited for experts, like the qualified technicians at Loveland’s Cherry Inc. We are knowledgeable in all matters concerning mold and promise to be safe and accurate all the way through the mold removal job in Loveland, from testing for mold and inspecting mold samples to creating and carrying out a mold remediation plan. 

Mold-Related Health Risks

It’s clear to see the effects of a mold invasion in buildings in Loveland: those unwanted black, green or brown clusters appear on walls, floors, and ceilings, followed by an unwanted musty, rotten smell. What is not so apparent are the numerous health effects for Loveland residents that come from small mold spores floating in the air. These particles enter our respiratory system through breathing and coughing, and if enough gets into your body, it could start to experience numerous negative effects that only compound with time. The longer you wait to remove mold or remediate a mold problem in Loveland, it will worsen for your home and in turn your health. High levels of mold can cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks and a variety of complications in the nose, throat, chest, and sinuses. People who are exposed to and breathe in mold experience symptoms such as include coughing, shortness of breath, hay fever, headaches, nausea, and fatigue. The Mayo Clinic recommends seeing a doctor if you have possible mold exposure and experience prolonged symptoms, and we at Cherry Inc. of Loveland recommend letting us do a mold test and mold inspection of your property.

How We Rid Your Loveland Property of Mold

Rome wasn’t built in one day, and neither is mold growth. By the time the unsightly fungi show up in your Loveland home, the bacteria have likely been forming for some time. Quick action is necessary when removing mold or doing remediation of a mold problem because more damage equals more work that needs to be done to mitigate the issue. First and foremost, in Cherry Inc.’s mold remediation process, our Loveland technicians conduct comprehensive mold testing to identify affected zones and the root of the problem and take samples to perform mold inspection on and gather details about exactly what they are dealing with. If a surface can be restored we will clean and repair it with a process called mold remediation; if it cannot be saved or isn’t worth saving, we will recommend a total mold removal. Both techniques include risk precautions including Loveland technicians wearing protective gear, cordoning off impacted zones, and using heavy-duty equipment for capturing aerial mold particles like HEPA air scrubbers and vacuums.

Got Mold in Loveland?

Don’t wait! If you can see or suspect mold is in your Loveland home somewhere, reach out to us for help. Let our Loveland experts tackle the issue every step of the way, from mold testing and mold inspection to the remediation or removal of moldy surfaces.