Lead Paint Removal Services: Lead Testing, Inspection & Abatement in Westminster, CO

Another prominent construction fad in Westminster from last century that we have since realized is hazardous is coating surfaces with lead-based paint.  Findings were released in the late 90s revealing that the microscopic particles that flake off lead paint are detrimental to the human body when they go through the respiratory system, and so the Consumer Product Safety Commission banned its application for residential buildings. Therefore, if your Westminster home was built after 1978, it is risk-free, but earlier housing potentially has lead paint somewhere and will need to have the lead paint removed if it is found to be a health hazard. To determine if your property is in danger, contact Westminster remediation company Cherry Inc., and we will pay a visit to your home and conduct the appropriate assessments to establish a lead paint removal plan. 

Lead Paint Removal to Avoid Hazard in Your Westminster Home

Not every Westminster home with lead paint is automatically toxic, though. Many people only opt for lead paint removal services once it starts to become a risk. The dangers of lead paint are not within the paint itself but in the chemicals that are released as the coat begins to degrade. When painted surfaces receive wear and tear or constant contact, lead dust is dispersed into the air, resulting in the Westminster buildings’ occupants inhaling the small particles. If enough lead dust enters your respiratory system, it can lead to some very serious health issues associated with lead poisoning. Some signs of unsafe lead particle amount in the body include headache, nausea, and fatigue and can lead to damage to the nervous, cardiovascular, and reproductive systems. These risks are why lead paint removal is recommended for Westminster properties with a high concentration of lead particles in the air.

Lead Paint Removal Options in Westminster

Lead Paint Remediation Techniques Include:

Encapsulation – The fastest and most basic strategy for relieving a space of a lead paint hazard is to mask the areas merely. Cherry Inc.’s Westminster technicians will cover the lead-based coat with fresh, risk-free paint, essentially trapping in the harmful particles. 

Enclosure – This is a fairly easy way to keep Westminster residents safe from lead paint. It involves putting up drywall to cover the area, essentially hiding it sort of “out of sight out of mind.”

Removal – For a Westminster structure with lead-based paint that is not able to be safely remediated, we will do a total removal of the lead paint. This is a rigorous process of sanding, brushing, and stripping to remove the lead paint from your walls so that you can repaint with a safe lacquer. Call Cherry Inc. today!

Lead Paint Removal Techniques from Westminster’s Cherry Inc.

Discovering that your Westminster home is coated with something that could poison you and your family is undoubtedly unsettling but also upsetting regarding finances. A full-scale lead paint removal project for a large building in Westminster can cost several tens of thousands of dollars. However, there are a few methods for removing lead paint, depending on the state of decline of the paint. Cherry Inc.’s expert restoration technicians can inspect your Westminster property and find the most effective option at the lowest cost to you.