Mold Removal Services: Mold Testing, Inspection & Remediation in Westminster, CO

When mold shows up in your Westminster home, not only is it unsightly but it is also unsafe! It is also just the tip of the iceberg; mold growing on your walls usually means the drywall and insulation are molding, and the moldy carpet is a sign of a mold problem in the carpet pad underneath. To stop it from spreading further, call a mold removal and remediation company like Westminster’s Cherry Inc. at first notice of the fungus! The quicker our team can perform a mold inspection, the better, as the results of the mold testing will tell them the level of risk so that they can come up with the best plan for remediation of your mold problem. Don’t wait to schedule mold removal, as the effects will compound, not only in your Westminster home but for your health!

Mold-Related Health Risks

When mold invades a Westminster building, it makes its presence known with a grand entrance of musty, dark stains on your walls, floors, and ceilings. What isn’t as apparent are the many consequences mold’s tiny airborne spores have on the health of those in the building breathing the air. When we respire, any mold particles floating nearby get into our bodies, and a high level of them becomes a cause for concern. When the mold is not removed or a Westminster mold problem not remediated, the health hazards start to show up in the building’s occupants. Large concentrations of mold lead to allergic reactions, asthma attacks and a number of complications in the nose, throat, chest, and sinuses. Those suffering from severe mold exposure in Westminster can endure symptoms like coughing, shortness of breath, hay fever, headaches, nausea, and fatigue. To prevent these scary health problems, let Cherry Inc. conduct mold testing and inspection at your Westminster property.

How We Rid Your Westminster Property of Mold

Removing or remediating a mold problem as soon as it appears is important because the more advanced growth, the more intense solution is needed to mitigate the damage to a building. The initial step of the mold remediation process is Cherry Inc.’s Westminster technicians conducting detailed mold tests and inspections to discover hidden mold, locate the source, determine how serious the problem is and which option is best for resolving it. If mold testing determines it can be cleaned and fixed, we will do a simple mold remediation job; if it’s not salvageable or worth trying to restore, we will suggest a complete mold removal. Both processes include safety measures at the Westminster site like wearing protective gear, sealing off the scene, and using powerful HEPA air scrubbers and vacuums to suck up any mold spores discharged during the cleaning process. In a scenario where contaminated surfaces can be reestablished to normalcy by means of mold remediation, they will be firmly disinfected. For Westminster properties where the mold inspection found a severe problem, our technicians will do a mold removal and take out heavily damaged items like drywall, carpeting, baseboards, or more. We deal with everything from the deconstruction to rebuilding, so by the end, your Westminster home will be back to its pre-mold condition or better.

Call Us Today for Mold Services in Westminster

Contact us as soon as you spot mold at your Westminster home or business. We will send out a technician to conduct testing and inspection for mold and come up with a plan of attack to get your Westminster space back to normal.