Lead Paint Removal Services: Lead Testing, Inspection & Abatement in Wheat Ridge, CO

Another popular trend in Wheat Ridge for homebuilding fifty years ago was painting with a lead-based lacquer. Research came out in the late 90s showing that the tiny particles from lead paint are harmful to human health when they enter the respiratory system, and thus the Consumer Product Safety Commission placed a ban on their use for residential structures. This means that if you own property in Wheat Ridge that was constructed after 1978, you are in the clear. But if your Wheat Ridge home was built in the years prior, it likely contains lead paint somewhere and will require removal of the lead paint if it's deemed to be a health hazard. To find out if your space is at risk, call Wheat Ridge remediation company Cherry Inc., and we will come to your home and conduct the necessary assessments.

Lead Paint Removal to Avoid Hazard in Your Wheat Ridge Home

The risk of lead poisoning associated with lead paint is not in the paint itself, but the tiny airborne particles formed by its slow deterioration. A Wheat Ridge home with lead painted surfaces that are in good condition most likely poses no threat to its occupants. But paint that is beginning to crack or peel releases bits of lead dust into the air Wheat Ridge residents breathe, and if you inhale enough of it, it can cause some serious health problems. Symptoms of lead poisoning are a headache, nausea, and fatigue and it can cause damage to nervous, cardiovascular, and reproductive systems. Lead is especially toxic to children and pregnant women in Wheat Ridge who can pass the effects onto their fetus. These risks are why for Wheat Ridge homes with a high concentration of lead particles in the air, removal of the lead paint is recommended.

Lead Paint Removal Options in Wheat Ridge

Lead Paint Remediation Techniques Include:

Encapsulation – Our most basic approach to relieving a Wheat Ridge property of a lead paint hazard is to cover it up with a strong sealant, essentially trapping in the dangerous particles. While a fast and viable treatment, encapsulate product also experience wear and tear and will eventually come off, and then you need a full-on lead paint removal.

Enclosure – A relatively simple way to keep building occupants in Wheat Ridge safe from lead paint, this technique involves putting up a sheet of drywall over the zone, blocking it in. An “out of sight out of mind” kind of method, it's not necessarily a permanent solution.

Removal – If it is deemed a lead paint exposure at a Wheat Ridge structure cannot be safely remediated, our technicians conduct a total lead paint removal. This is a thorough process of sanding, brushing, and stripping the walls and ceilings to remove the lead paint. Call today!

Lead Paint Removal Techniques from Wheat Ridge’s Cherry Inc.

Learning that the walls or ceiling of your Wheat Ridge home were painted with a hazardous substance is certainly disconcerting in terms of health but also distressing for your budget. The bill for a complete lead paint removal job on a large residence or big office building in Wheat Ridge can run upwards of tens of thousands of dollars. But there are several ways to remove lead paint and mitigate its exposure, and the inspection experts at Wheat Ridge’s Cherry Inc. have insight into which technique will work best for each specific case, reliant on how deteriorated the paint is.